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Online Seminar: How to Arbitrage from Earning Spikes?

Is there a way to profit from the #uncertainty of the Market during Earning Seasons?

It turns out the answer is "Yes".

“Watch the market leaders.” - Jesse Livermore

The quote from one of the most famous traders to ever lived should have given you some hint by now.

Following the Big Money, The Whales and those sneaky insiders may be the only reliable indicators, especially in an irregular time like during the earning season.

But the problems are not with the idea. It is with the strategy.

During the earnings season, the market is so volatile and if you do not have the right strategy, you may expose yourself to a substantial loss.

What strategy should I used to profit from such circumstance?

What strategy should you implement in order to gain an advantage from the market while limiting your risk?

Perhapses there are many ways. But for me, I choose options.

And NO, I'm not talking about those scam option platform like IQ optixxs or bxxxxy options.

We are talking about the good old #USoption. The one that was invented hundreds of years ago.

U.S. Options: an Elegant Tool.

The real US option is hard and difficult to understand. Originally, it was only for professional Wallstreet traders. Unlike stock, in most cases, if you were not an economics or finance major, you may never have heard of it. In fact, even some with a finance background are still confused about its concept.

However, it turns out to be one of the most (if not the only) effective way to took advantage of a volatile market.

It is an elegant tool that increases your return while protecting your money at the same time.

Join Our Free Webinar:

" EARNING 24R strategy "

(For Thai and Thai Expats only)

If you are interested in this strategy and want to know more.

Please join us on this coming webinar. 1st July 2021 ( Thursday ) 8:00pm ~ 10:00pm. ( Singapore Time ) or 7:00pm ~ 9:00pm. ( Bangkok Time )

We invited Mr. Terence Tan, Ex-Fund manager, and an experienced equity and derivatives trader to share his knowledge with us.

More About Our Guest Speaker

Terence Tan has helped thousands individuals in the #IMPossible Investors investing community create well over USD $5,000,000 in investment income since 2011.

He has more than 19 years of trading experience in relation to stocks and 17 years with stock options, futures, commodities, and forex. There are few other trainers who are as well versed as he is, in terms of financial instruments trading knowledge.

Terence is dedicated to helping people reach their financial goals through the resilience of Income Investing and this is displayed clearly in the design of the IMPossible Investors Makers Programme being a full 6 months investment mentorship rather than your typical weekend “crampshop” most others do.

Join our Webinar Now! Click the button above.

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